Ordinances are the means by which municipal governing bodies in the State of New Jersey create laws and certain financial obligations.

In order for an ordinance to become law it must be introduced, on first reading, by the Township Council and approved by a simple majority vote of the Council. A hearing date is scheduled and the text of the ordinance (or a summary) and notice of hearing date is published in the Township’s legal newspaper – the New Jersey Herald. An ordinance hearing is conducted by the Township Council on the date specified at which time members of the public can voice opinions. After public comment, the Township Council votes on the proposed ordinance, either adopting the ordinance by a simple majority (or a two-thirds majority in cases where debt is authorized) or defeating it.

Notice of the Township Council’s action is published in the New Jersey Herald, after which the approved ordinance goes into effect. The following ordinances have been adopted by the Township Council since January 1, 2000.

The full text of each ordinance can be found in the Township Council meeting minutes. If you have questions or would like additional information about any of the ordinances described below please contact the Township Clerk or Township Manager.

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