Shared Services

Hardyston Township has a very strong commitment to the concept of sharing municipal services and is a forerunner in the State relative to the development of innovative and cost-effective ways to promote common-sense, conservative fiscal principles.

Over the years, the Township has forged relationships with a variety of partners, including four school districts, nine, municipalities, two counties and a municipal utility authority. We currently have in force 35 different inter-local service agreements and continue to look for more opportunities to increase efficiency and save additional taxpayer dollars through the development of additional partnerships.

Click on the link before for a list that provides information relative to our current relationships and past inter-local departments and relationships.

Shared Service List

The Township’s philosophy relating to shared services is articulated in an article which ran in the New Jersey League of Municipalities Magazine in October 2010, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link:  Municipalities Magazine – Shared Services