Township Profile

Established in 1762, Hardyston Township, a unique, diverse and progressive community, is a great place for people and businesses to locate. Below are some interesting highlights about the municipality:

  • Population – 8,213 (2010 U.S. Census Population Estimates)
  • Size – 32.5 square miles
  • Government Structure – The municipality is governed through a council-manager form of government. The Council is comprised of five elected officials who appoint a manager. The manager and the Council are dedicated to keeping the Township on the cutting edge of municipal services and land use planning, at the same time keeping the property tax rate low for local residents and business owners.
  • Police and Emergency Services – The Township is served by the dedicated officers and members of the Hardyston Township Police Department and volunteer fire department.
  • Municipal Building – The Township recently completed a 28,000 square-foot municipal and police department complex. The building hosts the Township’s municipal administrative office operations, the Municipal Court, and the Police Department and Dispatch Center. The complex was built with both the present and future needs of the community in mind, reserving space for future expansion of operations.
  • Schools – Hardyston children can attend the Hardyston Elementary School (K-5), Hardyston Middle School (6-8), and the newly expanded Wallkill Valley Regional High School. Private and parochial schools are also available.
  • Open Space – Approximately half of Hardyston is dedicated as open space, enhancing the overall quality of life for the community.
  • Village Center – A pedestrian-friendly village center has been approved for development along Route 94. The center will include a brand-new commercial Main Street designed to create a strong sense of identity and community for the residents of Hardyston. The plans for the Village Center envision a vibrant commercial center where local parades and festivals, a farmers’ market, and entertainment for all ages can take place.

It is Hardyston’s goal to continue to promote the quality of life for its residents by providing excellent services and opportunities while maintaining the rural character, natural beauty and integrity that define the community.