Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for preparing and implementing the Township’s Emergency Planning Master Plan.  The Master Plan helps prepare the community for man-made and natural disasters.  In the event of a disaster, OEM coordinates all the emergency service departments (including Police, Fire, and First Aid), and manages the disaster to ensure that the FEMA command structure and reporting are initiated.  The OEM Coordinator also tracks the required training for Township emergency service departments, holds drills, and coordinates events.  In addition, OEM develops and implements improvements for “First Responders”.

The following links provide valuable information on emergency preparedness:

Emergency Supplies Checklist

Hardyston OEM Presentation

In the event there is a natural or man-made disaster, information regarding Township evacuation plans and emergency shelters can be obtained from the Hardyston Township Police Department at (973) 823-7022.